List of platform where you can learn Computer programming for free

A computer programming is the way of giving computers instructions on what to do to the given task.The instruction are known as code.The code are written in high level language which can be read by humans. In order for the computer to read the code the high level language are interpreted into low level language then into binary codes. binary codes are 0 and 1. though there is emerging technology of quantum computing where the computational mechanics are done by qubits instead of binary code.I will explain the topic of quantum computing in other post

So you are interested in writing some computer programs?Here is the place where you can learn programming for free.


They teach computer programming for free.You will learn everything from HTML$ CSS,Javascripts,Jquery,php,python and ruby. More than 24 million people have already learned about how to code, so its your time now to give it a try.


At cousera you can find programming courses from top universities like university of Washington,Stanford,university of Toronto and Vanderbilt.some programs are free and some programs you have to pay a liitle amount of money to receive certificates.


EdX is the open source platform founded by Havard University and MIT in 2012, Nowadays EdX includes 60 schools. you can learn computer programming from basic skills to advanced skills.


Udemy was founded in 2010.At udemy you can find free programs and paid programs. You can learn programming skills such as html $csss, Introduction to python programming programming and many more awesome courses


At Github you will find reference books of programming. More than 500 programming languagae can be found on GitHub.So its your time try it.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy was created by Salman Khan in 2006. The platform consists of  step by step video tutorials.You can learn HTML and CSS, gaming technology, animations ,javascripts processingjs etc.


FreeCodeCamp is the non profit platform. Here you will learn html5, css3,javascripts,Jquery,nodejs,python,ruby.At FreeCodeCamp you learn programming while building real apps at the same time.This the platform which I used to learn how to code.The skill I got at freecodecamp is what I am using at my site

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