Ways a programmer can make money online

Programming skill is the one of the top skills in the world. If you posses it, you are guaranteed to make money no matter what your location is in the world.There are many ways a programmer can make a lot of money online as explained here under

Build a website

This is the one of the best way for a programmer to make money online. You can build a website and start teaching others your skills. When people visits your websites, the traffic generated can be monetised by direct ads directly to the site visitors. also you can sell your services as web developers this is what i do at aziziyusuph.com


This is also a great way of making money online as a programmer. Platform like fiverr ,elance ,upwork  offer a great opportunity for programmers to make money. You wont be making any dollar for the couple of months but when you get noticed you will be making a lot of money

Produce online course

As a programmer you can build the  course content and sell it online . Platform such as udemy offer a great opportunity for programmer to sell courses online. You may start by providing free courses, when you build a great traffic on your content you can start charging money the customers.

Build a youtube channel

This is the great opportunity for a programmer to make money. youtube is the platform owned by google, so when your channel has more views and subscribers you can put ads. You have a great chance of  making a lot of money on youtube provided that you have great content and great audience.

Write a book

Book publishing is the one of the best way of making money as a programmer.You can write a book explaining the cutting edge knowledge of programming, or you may write a book for teaching certain programming language. you can sell your book on amazon and other platforms

Develop a software

Programmers are problem solvers, so you may build a software for solving certain problems in a society. You may make it free and embed some ads or you make people purchase it.

Create an app

This is another great opportunity for making money as a programmer. you can create an app for android or iphone to solve certain problem in a society, or you make your app to be available in both android and iphone platforms. you make it free or make your customer purchase it.

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