Forex Trading Facts

How does Forex Trading work?

In Forex trading all you need is to choose the reputable broker,register,open or download its terminal,choose the leverage,deposit some money and trade the currency pairs by anticipating it,these will go up or down(buy or sell).The currency pair price change will generate your profit.

The best way is to invest in a currency of a country that is growing faster and fund it with the currency that is growing slower.

Time for trading Forex.

Forex trading market is open 24 hours, 5.5 days a week.

Forex Trading key term.



How much deals are there in Forex Trading market?

Forex Trade is the international business of buying and selling currency with daily deals worth of 4 billion usd. So you wont miss your share.

Advantages Of Forex Trading.

  • You can still make money even in time of crisis

When stock market and banks deposits are in deep depression during the crisis, still Forex profits. That is to say any change in currency can be used to make a profit. Both failing market and developing market are profitable.

  • Work while lying on your bed.

All you need is computer/smartphone, internet connection and a little cash deposits.

  • Start with little cash.

You can start with 300 usd to 500 usd. That is a little money anybody can start with.

  • Easy rules to follow.

Forex works with only 8 basic currencies, which are the center of most traders.Less factors influence currency exchange rates than in stock market.

  • You can withdraw your profit anytime.

Since it is the 50 billion usd market. You can buy /sell any amount of currency and withdraw your profit anytime.

Disadvantage of Forex Trading.

  • 99 percent of day traders loose money

All trader start with the dream of getting rich quick. 40 percent only trade for one month. 80 percent quit within two years, Only 7 remain after 5 years. 1 percent of all traders can profit net of fees.

  • High risk to loose the whole position

You can loose all the money when investing in Forex Trading.

  • It is not for everyone

If you do not have discipline and you are not a critical thinker, Then Forex trading is not for you. If you are too busy to manage business portfolio,Then this business is not for you.


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